​​​​​​​​​Doug and Christine Adams
Dave and Kim Alkema
Steve and Maria Allen
David and Linda Alter

Aouad Family
Chris and Emily Backus
​Gwen and Tony Barnes
John and Janie Boeschenstein
Todd and Bonnie Brandstadt
Scott and Emily Brew
Winnie and Steve Brinks
Kevin and Julie Burns
Susan and Dev Butler
Ann Callahan
Dave and Britt Campbell
Mark and Eileen Chamberlin
Grant and Josie Cheney
Tamara and Jeff Christians
Rebecca and Drew Chuba
Brandon and Teresa Converse

Brenda and Gene Cronin
Rick and Traci Douglas
Lynn and Mark Barger Elliott
Tom and Martha Farrington
Michael and Jenny Fee
​Ford Family
Kelly and Susan Haun
David and Nancy Hejna
Jennifer and Bryan Higgons
Robyn Hubbard
Cullen and Robin Hunter
Chip and Terry Hurlburt

​Chris and Rhonda Johnson
Erik and Lisa Johnson

Mike and Susan Keil
Kettler Family
Mike and Megan Knuble
Jane and Bill Koski
Betsy and Bruce Kratt
Chris and Susie Krupp

Thank you to our 2016-2017 Members!

Robert and Lucy Lafleur
Bob and Jane Lang
Aracelis Lopez

In Memory of the 1992 Class        President - Robert "Andy" Lubbers
The Ludwig Family
Gary and Pamela MacDougal
Paul and Rosanne Mack

Dr. Leena Mammen
Tate Gregaitis and Vicki Manning
Bill and Melissa Marsh
Julie and Larry McCahill
Michael and Carole McDonald
​Steve and Jenny McMahon
Rich and Jennifer Meyer
Mirko and Jane Mikelic
​Matthew and Jill Miller
Jean-Marie and Patrick Murphy
Tim and Denise Myers
Megan and Bryan O’Connell
Vint and Mari Persons
Mike and Trish Reid
John and Lisa Rogers
Ed and Ann Roubal
Susanne and Eddy Schmitt
Kathy Bego and Jack Schneider
Mary Kay and Jim Schumar
Julie and Rob Sears
Erik and Kristin Sheline
Bob and Colleen Smith
Abby and Rich Sorota
Dave and Katie Southwell
Peter and Amy Stuursma
Sue and Jeff Swain
Melissa VanderZyden
Molly and Tim Vetter
Brian and Kris Ward
Elizabeth Welch
Mark and Allison White
David and Jennifer Wiener
Dave and Jan Wollet

EGRLYD relies on student and parent volunteers to coordinate the variety of activities offered. 


If you're interested in serving as a parent volunteer, contact Beth Milanowski, President, at bmilano@egrps.org, or Tommy Kawel, the staff liaison for Leadership and Youth Development may also be contacted at tkawel@egrps.org.


If you're interested in getting involved with the EGRLYD programs, stop by Mr. Kawel's room 226.
You can become an annual member of EGRLYD and show your support all year long!

Programming relies 100% on financial and in-kind support from the community, corporate partners, and parents.

Memberships are available as follows:

___$ 30 Individual     ___$50 Family     ___$100 Sponsor     ___$250 Patron 

To make a tax-deductible contribution, simply send a check made payable to EGR Leadership & Youth Development to:
East Grand Rapids High School
2211 Lake Drive SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49506

Sponsors and Patrons

Craig and Shelly Boeve
Gela Babel Cheney
John and Lindel Hoff

Paul Karsten and Julia DeJonge
Eric and Doreen Lambert
Paul & Elizabeth Luce
Amy and Bill Mackay
Bob and Beth Milanowski
Jeff and Pam Morris

Onder and Carol Ors
Jeff and Stacey Pyper
Chris and Michelle Rabideau
Mark and Susan Scobell
Michael and Deecy Smith
David and Beverly Verdier
Dick and Deb VanderZyden
​Eric Walchak DO
Eric and Kathy Wynsma